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  • Building recommendation engine for .NET applications using Azure Machine Learning June 26, 2017
    ⏱ Updated on June 26, 2017 Through a series of blog posts, we would like to show you different ways on how .NET developers can leverage Machine learning and AI to build engaging customer experiences. In this particular post, I would like to cover how you can use Machine Learning as a service using different... […]
    Ankit Asthana
  • The week in .NET – .NET Architecture: Microservices & Containers, On .NET with Omer Raviv on OzCode, Sprache June 20, 2017
    Previous posts: On .NET with Mattias Karlsson on Cake, Topshelf On .NET with Brett Morrison, DateTime Extensions Open XML SDK, Adventure Time .NET Architecture – Microservices & Containers We recently added an Architecture Guidance page on the .NET Website. This new page pulls together architecture related resources for building different types of applications with .NET.... […]
    Bertrand Le Roy
  • The week in .NET – On .NET with Mattias Karlsson on Cake, Topshelf June 14, 2017
    Previous posts: On .NET with Brett Morrison, DateTime Extensions Open XML SDK, Adventure Time .NET poster, Happy Birthday .NET with Jan Kotas, Skyworld On .NET: Mattias Karlsson – Cake During the Microsoft Build conference, we recorded interviews with some of the attendees. Mattias Karlsson is a core contributor on Cake, the cross-platform build automation system... […]
    Bertrand Le Roy

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